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News Headline: Castle Park High School to build million dollar football stadium.

MVHS Football Is Not Just For Players

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Jacinto Perez puts names with the numbers, tells fans who just made the big play, encourages a stop at the concession stand while offering a little local trivia during a MVHS Mariners freshman football game recently at Mar Vista High School..

As the high school football season comes to an end, players will have their memories and the coaches are already planning next season. But what of those who never set foot on the football field?

Jacinto Perez has been head JV Baseball Coach at Mar Vista High School for 10 years. He began volunteering to be the public address announcer for the varsity baseball team games soon after arriving.

“Many people complimented me and suggested I do more games” recalled a proud Perez. “Then two years ago I went to a freshmen football game and noticed no one was announcing and the mother of player Miguel Guerrero said I should volunteer to do it. I approached their coach but he wasn’t interested.

“Then there was a change in coaches and Tyler Arciaga became head coach. As he began to run the program he became a supporter of other Mar Vista athletics attending our alumni baseball game and the CIF playoff run last year. His wife Heidi heard me announcing and commented to him how good I was.”

It was soon after that that Coach Arciaga called Perez and asked if he would be interested in announcing the freshmen and some of the JV football games.

“I immediately said yes” Perez said. “I announced my first football game on September 4, 2014. I have received so many compliments from the community, parents and players about my style of announcing. I try to mention everyone’s name from both teams; I welcome the other school at halftime and read a list of accomplishments and interesting facts about them and of course right after that, I do Mar Vista as well.

“I usually work the gate for Friday night football games but was rewarded on Oct. 24 when the usual varsity announcer was unavailable so I filled in and I received several positive texts. My favorite one came from that same player, Miguel Guerrero, thanking me for the job I did and telling me how happy the varsity boys were with the announcing.”

C.J. Baaklini father of freshman Camille “Bo-Bo” Baaklini, #44, admitted “It was a pleasure to have Jacinto announce the freshman games this past year. He created nicknames for our kids and increased the crowd participation. Additionally, he provided entertainment during halftime and welcomed opponents with kind words and fun facts. Hopefully, we will be lucky enough to have him for years to come and I personally hope to hear the nick-names during the spring baseball season.”

Mark Borst father of freshman offensive lineman Jake Borst, #55, said “I think he did a wonderful job. Made watching the game more enjoyable.”

Perez, who graduated from Mar Vista in 1990, began coaching Little League in 1991. “I had all this new free time and saw a flier at 7/Eleven urgently seeking volunteers for the upcoming season of Luckie Waller Little League. I was 18, coaching the LWLL Senior Division Cubs ages 13 -15 and did that for 13 consecutive seasons. Then I got the job as head freshmen baseball coach at the new San Ysidro High for one season when I was offered the head JV baseball job at Mar Vista.”

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